Derrick Jacobs was attending an art class one day in the summer of 2012 when he discovered something beautiful – a photograph of Mt. Everest. Although he had seen images of Mt. Everest, this was not anything like before. It captured a woman was on an expedition to summit Everest. The photograph was captured when she was about halfway up the Mountain, having started the ascent earlier on from Camp III. In this one photography, Derrick saw hope, and fear – all intertwined in one human face. The lips spoke of expectation, and the eyes beamed with hope, and yet there was something about the woman’s face that showed she was not blind to the challenge that lay ahead…and in the backdrop of all this, the ridges of Mt. Everest.

Since that day, Derrick forgot his dream of becoming an electrical engineer, bought the best camera he could after finishing high school, and set out to be a photographer. When he is not shooting distant peaks and natural attractions in foreign lands, he writes about his expeditions and regularly publishes his content in several photography magazines.